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6 Week Birth Trauma Course

Service Description

This is a 6 week program, modelled on the The Trauma Healing Collective's 3 phase approach, to identify and treat the presenting symptoms and underlying trauma, by maintaining a solutions focused methodology.

Women who access support will fall into one of several groups:

  • Women who are scared of birth - Tokophobia

  • Women who have had traumatic experiences in birth and are currently pregnant- Birth trauma Women who had a traumatic birth experience and are postnatal- Birth trauma/ PND / PTSD

  • Women who are pregnant and facing multiple disadvantage- vulnerable (sex trafficked, raped, DV, recently divorced or separated)

  • Women who are having trouble adjusting to the postnatal period- PND and adjustment crisis

  • Women facing loss or stillbirth Women navigating pregnancy after loss​


(Group bookings of up to 6 mums will attract a discount of up to £75 per person)

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