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One to one counselling or book onto our 6 week Healing from Trauma Course.

Service Description

Three types of trauma:

Acute trauma: This results from a single stressful or dangerous event. ​

Chronic trauma: This results from repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressful events. Examples include cases of child abuse, bullying, or domestic violence. ​

Complex trauma: This results from exposure to multiple traumatic events.

Healing from Trauma programme suitable for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Rape and other Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, addictions and FGM.


  1. Mapping the Territory (ACES, Brain Development & Understanding Trauma)

  2. Trauma Responses & Replacing Survival Resources

  3. The Wisdom of the Body & Boundaries

  4. Working with Implicit Memories

  5. Getting to the Bottom of Things

  6. .The Healing Journey Moving Forward

You can refer yourself with our referral form here.

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