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Emergency Session


6 Week Healing From Trauma Course

Including Somatic Healing Techniques


6 Week Birth Trauma Course

One to one counselling or group sessions


Parenting & Childhood Development Course

A 4 week programme aimed at developing awareness and understanding of childhood development. 


Moving on after Trauma

A 6 week programme that will help you understand the impact of trauma and acquire skills to help you move on after trauma. 

Trio of Candles

Understanding & Dealing with Anxiety

People with anxiety feel more socially anxious than others because they tend to overestimate the social threat in some situations. Overcoming anxiety is therefore a matter of reducing this tendency to overestimate social threat.

Six factors maintain the overestimation of social threat. These are negative thoughts, avoidance, safety behaviours, self- and environment-focused attention, how you think you appear to others, and negative core beliefs. Each module will provide you with some practical ways to make changes to these factors enabling you to manage and deal with your anxiety.

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